Episode 1_Binka and Robin A Love Story

In midlife, a husband and wife left the U-S to start anew.  Goodbye urban comforts, high paying-World Bank job, piano concertos, Virginia country home, and upscale Georgetown home.  Next stop after a 5k mile drive across Central and South America in their old Range Rover?  Minas Gerais Brazil, where the couple founded an environmental NGO 'Iracambi.' They have since since saved 1000's of trees, and built a college-like campus focused on environmental education.   They first fell in love with each other.  Then fell in love with saving the forest and its animals hoping to inspire others through the power of example.  All that's missing is a movie.  Which of course is in the works!  

Episode 2_Covidiots

Meeting with my friend of fifteen years, ER doc Terry Jodrie, brought out an important question: do we take those on the front lines for granted?  Do Americans assume "they" are always at their beck and call, including the defiantly mask-less?  Jodrie said he receives a daily email with the names of health workers who've recently died from COVID-19.

Episode 3_Redemption

Pastor Jimmy Robles went from gangster to street minister to church founder in San Antonio.  'Last Chance Ministries' houses the homeless, feeds the hungry, and teaches boxing to keep kids out of trouble.  Then life dealt Robles a crushing blow.  

Episode 4_Sanctuary

Jennifer Rice's husband’s sudden death left her penniless and living at the YMCA in NYC as a single mom.  Unable to afford healthcare, she moved to Central America with her daughter and the duo built an animal sanctuary," Kids Saving the Rainforest." 

Episode 5_Machine Gun Preacher

Former gang member Sam Childers told me he walked away from his m/c after a night where, "people got shot and stabbed." A short while later the Pennsylvania native was on a mission to Africa where he still lives.  His organization feeds 1000's of children and has built six orphanages.  I covered his story previously for a Washington Post ABC affiliate.

Episode 6_Trafficked

Immigration lawyer Wayne Weightman and his Cambodian wife adopted four children through their non-profit work near their home in Phnom Penh. The hard-working family had their lives shattered when their teen daughter was kidnapped by sex traffickers and smuggled into Cambodia. Weightman had exhausted his options before finally calling on a well-known childhood friend from Hawaii. Within 48 hours of that call, a covert ops group had rescued their daughter. Weightman also spoke with a human trafficking expert, Chuck Paul, a lawman hired by a Texas governor to fight child sex trafficking. Weightman is now interested in becoming part of Paul's mission: educating others to fight sex trafficking and to provide safe flight and safe haven for those caught in its grips.

Episode 7_Binka and Robin set sail

Back with dynamic husband and wife duo as they zigzagg across continents, even winning a land race across India.  Tells the story of a chance meeting on a boat at sea on holiday when they first met.  From meet the parents, to an economic professor in Kenya who may have been the father of a future US president....and more.